April 2015

Spring Bloom

Spring is in the air, and the wildflower are coming out all over the country.  Two years ago, my wife and I were rewarded with incredible wildflower blooms in the San Juan mountains in Colorado…miss it already!


Sunset on The Water

Sometimes a great place to reflect is sitting at the beach listening to the waves smash against the rock…It was a chilly day at Acadia National Park


Be Prepared

You never know when you might bump into some interesting subject that won’t want to linger around and give you time to pull out your camera, so always be prepared!  Taken at the top of Mt. Evans in Colorado, the highest drivable point in North America.


Embrace the Rain

As a photographer, no matter how much you try, you can’t control the weather.  Cloudy or rainy days are definitely a pain to shoot in, but the cloud cover does provide soft lighting without the harshness of bright sun and sharp shadows, so what do we do?  We want to get the shot, but we don’t want to soak our expensive SLR in the downpour….surely there must be a better way…besides buying a 1D series Canon or a Nikon D4, since those cost nearly $8000.  Well, despair no more, because the solution costs less than $1 and if you are traveling, it’s free…

Yes ladies and gentlemen, a simple shower cap that is available at all hotels absolutely free is enough to let you get all your shooting done without exposing your camera to direct rain and possibly frying your electronics.

Find a Comfortable…

Sometimes to get that perfect shot, you’re going to have to do a little bit of waiting…and sometimes it may be a lot of waiting.  Arriving at tower arch presented us with some very harsh mid-day shadows and lighting, so you can either have a mediocre shot, or you can wait until the light turns to your favor and get a fantastic shot…the fate of your photos is in your hands.


Unexpected Wonders

Everyone always laughs at me when I tell them I love driving through Kansas, but they don’t realize how many beautiful places they are missing!


Summer Relaxation

Looking forward to possibly spending some more time at a rented lake house this summer, how about you?


Fish Tank Magic

One of the most difficult things to photograph is fish in tank. There is often very little light, and on top of that, they move VERY quickly, so even with a REALLY fast lens you are going to have a hard time getting a sharp shot. Using high ISO is a bandaid, but “under water” photos come out very noisy with fish and coral, but fear not….there is an awesome trick to getting that perfect shot, and all you need is the piece of plastic you probably usually leave at home. All you need is a flat tipped lens hood. Put the flash (needs to be a hotshoe unit) to maximum power, and press the lens hood firmly against the glass (thus not allowing any light to spill in from the sides) and the results are spectacular!



Senior Year Glamour

Prom season is approaching! Time to consider booking a photoshoot for your pride and joy’s special day!




Hurry Up and Wait…

Sometimes in life we look at ordinary things without giving them the attention they deserve….sometimes all you need to appreciate them is a little time.

Lone Tree in the Stars