Journey to Moab 2013


For the remaining two days, we were going to random trails and checking out some cool sites. Saw a few petroglyphs….

Driving around somewhere I think it was in the Top of the World/Onion Creek area. (forgive me, I forgot which trails were which on some of the photos)

Trail in Canyonlands during sunset….this place is truly amazing

The last day we went to check out Fisher towers and the Delores river overlook…both were really beautiful places…

Entering delores river overlook area…

Fischer Towers

Heading deeper towards Delores river…

Part of the way to Delores river, saw some beautiful bluffs, and figured a more gratuitous Jeep advertisement shots are in order….

Getting up to the overlook (long LONG drive, area is EXTREMELY remote) we got hungry….being far away from town, time to break out some more emergency food….

Some boars head hotdogs…best damn hotdogs money can buy…..always handy in a food emergency

And finally we arrived at the overlook and were treated to a stunning view…

And that my friends, is the end of this journey.  Thanks for reading, I hope you continue to join me on my adventures, and always remember, life is a journey, take the dirt road.


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