There certainly isn’t any shortage of photographers for you to choose from.  There are many talented individuals out there, but there are things that set photographers apart from one another.  One of those things is personal attention.  When we are working together, I am working with you and nobody else.  When you pay for my time, you get 100% of my attention.  My job is to make you happy. After all, if you are going to part with your hard earned money, you deserve the very best, and most importantly, you deserve a product that is exactly as you want it.  I do not charge any form of add-ons for work that doesn’t change my time table.  For example, if you hire me to have a photo session with your baby, I do not charge extra because you want a photo with parents and the baby.  When it comes to weddings and engagement shoots, I don’t do the typical “you have me for 6 hours.”  When we agree on your date, you have me for that entire day, so long as it is necessary.  I don’t pack up and leave because the clock struck 12 nor do I tack on extra charges because I had to stay for an extra 15 minutes because grandma had to finish her slice of cake.  Having said that, you are unique, as is your event as well as your needs, so there are no general prices posted on the website.  Everyone’s requirements are different, and we agree on a price in person after going over all the details together.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, concerns, details, or anything you may deem important for me to know regarding your requirements and I will be more than happy to go over them with you.  Below is a list of photography services I provide.


Wedding & Engagement

Product and Still Life

Special Events


Fashion and Modeling

Photo Retouching, Restoration, and Colorization

Head Shots

Kids’ portraits, sports, events

One on one photography classes

On location photography classes

Commercial and residential real estate

Printed Framed Artwork (business decor, hotels, etc)

Epicurean Photography ( for restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, and casinos.)

Vacation Tailing