Wanderings of The West

Chapter 2:

Now one of my favorite things to do is to soak in hot water in freezing temperatures while it’s snowing, but the day we arrived, it was 65 degrees, which I thought was a bit ridiculous since I was sitting at 8800 feet on top of a rocky mountain and I just got in from sea level NJ that was 5 below zero. Crazy, but such is life – time to soak off some stiff limbs. If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend this place….Glenwood Springs Lodge…the pool is divided into 2….the main pool is 405 feet long by 100 feet wide, and is just a hair over 1 million gallons and it sits at 94 degrees F year round. The second pool is smaller and is only 100 feet long and 100 feet wide, but it is a toasty 104F. The water has over 15 different minerals, leaving your skin oh so soft. While the SOURCE of the water does smell of sulfur (when you are walking to the pool), by the time the water reaches the pool most of the SOx is up in the air already and the pool doesn’t smell at all. My wife is very sensitive to sulfur smells, so if she was good, everyone is good. If you have a hard time convincing the wife to take a road trip, this place is a fantastic bullet for your ammo stockpile in convincing her, along with the spa.

Since we were only in Colorado for a few days, we wanted to do two things….check out some caves and snowmobile. The first day the snow was low, old, and wet, on top of that, snowmobiling is expensive, so I decided to take my chances and wait for better weather the following day, so we decided to take a cave tour at glenwood caverns.

The caverns are on the side/top of a mountain, which also has a fairly dope “roller coaster” (more like a sled coaster that you control the speed…..fun) so you need to take a gondola up there….

Now the caverns are broken up into 2 parts, the upper, and the lower. THe tours are about 50 minutes each and are spread out so that you can catch both without having to wait the hour…in my humble opinion, if you are ever here, skip the upper, it’s fairly boring, and I’m a huge cave nut.

The cave system has a very interesting story, and like a bastard child, has been passed around owner to owner for the longest time, until recently when a private owner decided to excavate and develop the land.

The Upper system is kinda boring, without many cool formations, and it’s very tight in there. On top of that, they are crazy about you touching or scraping the rock inside, so they made me leave my camera bag in a storage locker. I took my SLR inside, but the pics are bleh so I didn’t even bother with them, so iphone pics it is.

The lower system is far more impressive, with much larger rooms, MUCH bigger formations, and far more grandiose.

After the tours, we decided to head back, take another soak, and go to dinner….

Can you find the jeep

Back at the hotel, the temps dropped, and now the steam from the pools can be seen….

Very nice after a day of hiking.

We ate dinner at Juicy Lucy’s Steakhouse…

Elk wrapped in filo…barely edible. Elk was murdered, ground to a pulp and mixed with a mushroom paste that obliterated any flavor it had left, and the entire thing was overcooked.

I had a T bone because I figured it was safe…and it was…it was ok.

Wife played it safe as well, and just got a steamed lobster.

After dinner we went back to the room and called it a night, for tomorrow it would be snow mobiling time and then we depart Colorado.

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