Wanderings of The West

Chapter 3:

Our last day in Colorado was a lucky one…while it was nasty and raining at the hotel, up on the mountains it snowed all night, and dumped a nice amount of fresh powder, so we grabbed our gear and headed up to go snowmobiling. Now, my wife has never done it, so I was hoping it would be ideal conditions for a first timer, but luckily for her, conditions were pristine. Now only did we all get first dibs on fresh snow, but the scenery was jawdropping going through the woods and up/down the mountain.

So getting here was fun, as the roads were slick

We arrive at the destination, get into the provided gear (which was fantastic), listen to a brief safety and operations meeting, and its off to the races.

You couldn’t have asked for more ideal conditions….pure winter wonderland.

Our guide stopping to see if anyone wanted a bathroom break (entire tour we booked was 60 miles long, which goes by quickly because you’re having so much fun.) which I gladly took. Luckily our group was my wife and I and a family of 8 that were all cool, as well as good riders, so we kept a great pace.


I absolutely love these trees. The guide told me what they were called, but I forgot….their burnt copper color is gorgeous against the pristine white backdrop.

After about 25 miles, he took us out to a flat area, and let everyone go bananas for around 30 minutes, lots of fun. People basically went as fast as their testicular (or ovarian) fortitude allowed. Most machines topped out at 60mph, mine had a hybrid track on it so I could hit around 70, while the guide could hit over 100mph.


Snow was waist deep near the summit

After a full day of snowmobiling, we went back to the hotel, took a nice soak, then went to dinner…where we would stuff our faces and talk about where we are going to go tomorrow….
Dinner was at a place called “Smoke” which was a modern bbq place. Based on what we had, it was just ok.

Bacon wrapped shrimp (tasted like bacon but thats it, slaw was good)

Smoked Wings (far to vinegary for my taste but cooked VERY well)

A rack of ribs that my wife forgot to take a picture of (nothing to write home about)
A crock of mac and cheese that was bland as hell

And this german chocolate brownie which was incredible.

During dinner, and a long discussion, we debated on where to go next.  We didn’t have any plans, nor did we have any limitations.  After many calories and a deliberation as intense as putting a furious weasel into your underpants, we decided to trek into Utah, and my wife would do me a favor and let me go to Moab…. so with that bombshell, we went back to the room, and back to bed, because tomorrow, Moab in the new Jeep.

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