Wanderings of The West

Chapter 8:

One of the main reasons I am able to convince my wife to travel with me in such an unorthodox fashion is the spontaneity and freedom to end up somewhere new anytime we wish.  Weather turned foul at a certain location?  Not a problem, pack up and leave.  Some cool event at the next state over?  Not a problem, just pack up and you’ll be there by morning.  The freedom this type of travel provides in my opinion is invaluable, not to mention, the memories are surely much better than a stale bagel and a complimentary TSA cavity search in any US airport.

While we were in Vegas, I just wanted to relax while the wife was hellbent on shopping and walking into every store that accepted major credit cards….safe to say, we became the Griswolds, and split up numerous times.

I won’t bore you with too much Vegas stuff, since we didn’t do what most young folks like to do in vegas, like party or gamble our salaries, so I’ll give you guys the cliff note version…

Saw David Copperfield…nothing like he used to be. Boring, don’t waste your money.

Saw Penn and Teller…awesome show, I was actually IN the show, but that’s a whole different story.

Ate at the bellagio buffet….unless you absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE crab legs and can put away a lot of them, skip it. Even the best buffets in vegas (bellagio is #1 the last time I checked) is not as good as a nice restaurant. I put away my fill.  One thing for you crab lovers to know…they split the crab legs for you so there isn’t the typical labor involved.

Besides the crab, everything else was mediocre at best, but I may have more discriminating taste buds, this is my opinion only.

A surprise of the stay was Gordon Ramsay’s BURGR restaurant in Planet Hollywood. I consider myself to be an expert on burgers, and it has been a long time since I had a literally flawless burger, where every single aspect, bun, lettuce, etc were flawless.

The apps were just ok, but if you are there, just get an “American” with bacon (their bacon is duck bacon, not pork.)  Apps were wings and pork belly buns.  Sorry, no photo of the burger as I destroyed it before the wife could pull her phone out.

After a few more days of relaxing, we headed back to Denver to drop my wife off at the airport, and I would continue my journey home….but I do have one more stop to make, which I will post this evening!


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