Western Follies

We woke up the next morning and begin our drive into Colorado….

When my wife and I first met, we actually took a trip to Vegas, and included some canyons in the trip, and stumbled upon this place….and decided to stop by for some photos nearly 9 years later, for nostalgia sake

Those that have been in Moab will surely recognize it, but for those that don’t the “Hole in the Rock” used to be a small home of a couple in the 20s. The home belonged to Albert and Gladys Christensen, that over the span of 12 years carved/blew up a 5000 square foot home inside, as well as an operational diner, and would serve the multiple of uranium and copper miners. The place has been bought and sold a few times, but tours still run to this day, and it’s worth the few bucks to stop and check it out.

We continued onwards, slithering through the canyons (some of the best sports car roads you will find anywhere)

until we finally cross a very understated and sudden state line

Once we got into colorado, I really wanted to do some fishing in the pristine waters. Im no fisherman, nor have I ever went fly fishing, but I did want to give it a try….so we looked at a map, and followed a route to the San Miguel river and had a little bit of R&R.

After a little bit of fishing (water was pretty chilly) it was time for lunch

Usually I have steaks, but this time, we had a little bit of salmon that I still had from Moab and some delicious rainbow trout.

Everything did come out delicious if I may say so myself,

And it was a superb place to kick back for a little while, enjoy some fresh air, and just take in the quiet with the serenity of the flowing river in the background.

After our lunch, we packed up, cleaned up, and headed out, as we still had a long drive, some through awesome twisties

And the rest painfully climbing a very tall mountain (I can’t wait until the new Wrangler has 8 gears instead of 5)

But we finally made it to our destination in Telluride just as the sun was beginning to set. We got a smoking deal on Kayak (technology really made travel like this easy and possible, with you being able to book the room literally a few minutes before arriving, and it’s currently the ONLY way we travel, regardless of where/how we go, saves a lot of money too) for a superb 5 star hotel in Telluride Village (the ultra exclusive/luxurious part of telluride on the side of the mountain) for the Inn at Lost Creek..really a terrific hotel, and the views were to die for

We took advantage of their reservation only rooftop hot tubs and soaked our stiff limbs, and then went to dinner in the village. Our original plan was to spend the night here, do some trails and then head to Vail, then Aspen, then home, but we liked it so much we decided to spend the rest of our time in Colorado right where we were, which didn’t bother me since all the awesome trails are around these parts anyway! 


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